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Bleaching Teeth

Bleaching is the most common procedure of dental cosmetics. It helps in brightening of teeth that are stained. We have the facilities of bleaching even on those teeth that have root canal surgery.

Dental bleaching a procedure wherw by certain bleaching agents are applied to the teeth in order to remove external and internal stains, thus leaving teeth some shades lighter.

Advantages of Dental Bleaching:

Safest and most conservative cosmetics treatment
No grinding of your teeth
Does not require any anaesthesia
Painless treatment.
Less time taken.
Less cost
No damage nor change the shape

Different types of Bleaching:

Office Bleach: Done by dentist at the clinic.

Home Bleach: Done by patient himself at home using bleaching material & a speacial tray dispensed by your dentist.

Depending on your type of dental staining and time restriction, we advised either one or a combination of them.

Bleaching affords you a sparkling bright smile with minimal discomfort and an affordable price.