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Orthodontics Treatment

We offer orthodontics services for both children and adults. Our services involve proper recording of data and observations, treatment planning and then the execution of various treatment procedures. Various transparent invisible fiber braces are offered that help achieve excellent results. At the completion of the orthodontic treatment, the braces are removed and retaining appliances (retainers) are fitted to hold the teeth steady in their new position. These appliances may be removable plates or wires fitted behind the teeth.

Treatment Process: If the patient decides to proceed with treatment, an appointment is made to collect records.

Taking Records: Used to record the existing malocclusion for future reference.

Planning of Treatment: Discussion of treatment plans based on the information of consultation and other records.

Extractions and other Pre Treatment Procedures: Removing, cleaning and filling of teeth before the start of orthodontic treatment.

Putting on Braces: An efficient and accurate way of moving teeth, bands, brackets and wires commonly known as braces are made of stainless steel.

Time Period of Treatment: Orthodontic treatment takes 18 to 24 months. However total treatment depends on the severity of the original malocclusion and the type of services opted by clients.